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Posted by on Jun 23, 2016 in Blog |

Real World Solutions in Los Angeles for a Streamlined Prefab Project

Real World Solutions in Los Angeles for a Streamlined Prefab Project

Top 5 Typical Mistakes Owners/Developers Make On Their First Prefab Project 

  1. Owner contracts modular manufacture directly without a vetting process: This is bad for the owner because they have to rely on often times one manufacturers experience to guide the owner’s decisions. Often times the manufacturer espouses their wishes as if that are the only way or the best way to execute on any number of given issues. This is done with good intentions but yields a project that is hampered by the manufacturer’s preferences ultimately putting the needs of the owner in second seat to the manufacturer’s needs. Manufacturers should be treated like any other subcontractor or vendor.
  2. Owner blindly believes the manufacturer is capable of self-managing without oversight: Owners that attempt to proceed with mock-ups, prototypes, and full production in a factory without regular if not daily review of progress and quality often fight surprise schooling and quality issues throughout the project. High quality developers, general contractors and project managers would never let days, weeks, or months pass by without inspecting the work of sub-contractors and consultants, yet when an owner does not have a presence in the factory that is exactly what they are doing. This leads to conflicts that scale very quickly as a project moves through a production line. This also leaves the manufacturer in a position where sometimes they make hasty decisions because if they have to wait for information from any source they compromise the efficiency of the production line.
  3. Owner contracts with design teams that are not experienced in modular construction: This leaves the owner in a never ending cycle of RFIs that are largely unanswerable by the design professionals. The owner needs somebody in the process that is playing a supportive oversight role that is very familiar with building design, plans sets, approval process and can coordinate with the entire design, manufacturing, and site construction teams.
  4. Owner does not start early enough with a detailed Scope of Work: Owner needs somebody that understands at the intricacies of all facets of their project and can maintain a living scope of work document that WILL evolve over the course of the project and keep all teams informed on changes.
  5. Owner underestimates the differences between modular and traditional construction:  This is the first thing they have to overcome. They always expect the 40% reduction in project time line and sometimes up to 20% savings in cost but like to believe the process is not that much different than what they normally do.

The Solution

Contract a modular project management team to provide the following services.

  • Design Professional Qualification
  • Project Specification and Definition oversight
  • Manufacturer Qualification
  • Set Crew Qualification
  • Site contractor Qualification
  • Scheduling
  • Design Team consultant coordination & plan checking
  • State and Local agency coordination.
  • Digital prototyping Coordination~Review~Approval
  • Mock-Up Coordination~Review~Approval
  • Prototype Coordination~Review~Approval
  • Full Production Coordination~Review~Approval
  • Factory inspections & reports
  • Site inspections & reports
  • Represent the owner at all design, pre-construction, and construction meetings
  • Remains as an asset until the end of the warrantee period

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