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Posted by on Nov 15, 2016 in Blog |

McDonald’s Built Using Prefab Construction in the UK

McDonald’s Built Using Prefab Construction in the UK

Offsite builder Elliott, of the United Kingdom, has received a contract to design and construct several new McDonald’s stores across central England. What’s so special about another company building more of the omnipresent franchises? With prefab construction, these restaurants will be open for business in a four-week site schedule.

Despite their quick assembly, the buildings are indistinguishable from their traditionally built counterparts and avoid many of the issues associated with the latter, such as extended build schedules and site skills shortage. As principal contractor on the McDonald’s project, Elliott will manufacture, install and commission the franchises. The modules will be constructed at the firm’s 13-acre production plant in Carnaby, North Yorkshire.

The new restaurants represent cutting edge design and push the boundary of modular system performance. Each of the 25-ton modules that make up a new restaurant is supplied by Elliott fully finished and ready for connecting to services. The modules are hoisted into place on pre-prepared foundations.

One of the key benefits is that the buildings will be produced under strict factory controlled conditions, which enables them to meet McDonald’s rigorous quality standards and ensure that quality is consistent across all new restaurants.

In addition, the off-site process significantly reduces the environmental impact of the buildings, while improving whole-life performance, which aligns with the current growing interest in sustainable construction.

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