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Posted by on May 25, 2016 in Blog |

Google Loves Modular Construction – Just Ask Them!

I just asked the ultimate source of knowledge in the Universe, Google “What is a modular home?”

In less than a 1/10 of a second Google returned the following definition. This is their definition, not something I pulled from a website.

“A modular home is simply a home built to local building codes in a controlled, environmentally protected building center using precise and efficient construction technology. They are built to the same codes as a site built home.” Google

Let’s break this down into smaller pieces and see if they have it correct.

“A modular home is simply a home built to local building codes”

Yes, it is built to meet or exceed ALL Federal, State, IRC, Energy and local codes you could possibly think of including codes that are written specifically for modular housing. SIte builders would have a hard time meeting all the codes imposed on modular housing which means home buyers that choose modular get a better home.

“in a controlled, environmentally protected building center:

The modular housing community uses this in every website, all the literature printed and hear it from every modular home builder in the country. Ask yourself if you would like to have your new home built inside where it never rains, snows or hails. Lumber protected from the elements, insulation that doesn’t get wet, floors that don’t have an inch of rain or a foot of snow on them during construction is a good thing. Home buyers can’t get that from any site builder.

“using precise and efficient construction technology”

Even Google recognizes that modular construction requires a more precisely built home. It’s strong enough to be placed on a carrier, trucked on the highway, sometimes more than 600 miles, lifted by a crane and set in place on the home buyer’s foundation. Site builders can’t guarantee that the soaking wet lumber will not twist inside the house when it dries out so how could they possibly be as precise as a modular home.

And speaking of efficient construction technology, when a new home buyer wants energy efficiency and green building methods, nothing beats modular home construction. These are built into every home coming off the production line as part of the process.

If you want to learn about modular housing, who better to turn to for that answer than Google.


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